Be One With Your Heart

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Do you know that moment when you try to plug in a cable and it gets stuck? Let’s say it gets stuck with a table edge, you pull it until it reaches a point where it just gets stuck and it doesn’t move at all. At that moment, your body and mind will tell you to keep on pulling, but, if you do otherwise and let go, then, suddenly you can withdraw again without using much effort and it would no longer be stuck! Thus, the easiest way to act when aversion is found would be to just let go, so that aversion gets unfound. Be one with your heart.

As you may know, there are several cycles in life, and everything is just about the same as everything else. Everything is just digested and presented in a different time, age, place, face, idea, or circumstances. Even the human race is made out of stardust.

What we are comes down to what we remember ourselves to be in a present moment, which no longer is. Time is a memorable thing and it allows us to be connected to the things we cherish and remember the most like those little things that we used to love when we were kids. We can transport ourselves to other times just with our minds. Time can erode those memories but even with time and memory, sometimes it may appear that everything is just an illusion.

Be one with your heart, but be one with your heart, with all that you are: everyone will get free eventually from the self, and only then we will understand we are just in another cycle, or time of passage through the human world. As the Bardo Todhol puts it, we are below the jealous gods’ kingdom and above the animal kingdom. We are in the upper side of the scale heading towards something greater. We are still not there, but we are headed there, towards becoming one. While being humans we are able to achieve this enlightening, to learn, and then go above and beyond.

This is our most amazing opportunity! We are alive!

Don’t waste it. Be one with your heart, with yourself.

Be one with your heart.

September 14th, 2017