Every Effort Towards Something, No Matter If Little, Counts

Every Effort Towards Something, No Matter If Little, Counts

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Truth is everything that you do matters, in one way or another. You need to open yourself and enjoy everything that you’re doing, it’ll ultimately lead you to wherever you need to be.

Where is that? I’m not sure, and you’re probably not sure either. But, wherever that is, you’re the one defining it. You are able to create your own destiny with every little action that you take towards who you want to be.

Even if you don’t know whom you’d want to be, you are on your way to becoming that person.

Sometimes we might avoid doing things because we’re too tired, or because we believe that the little efforts don’t count. That said, everything that you do towards a goal, no matter how small, matters.

Let me explain why.

Big Goals Become Manageable in Small Chunks

When you’re wanting to achieve something, it’s easier to break down your goal into small manageable chunks.

Using that same logic, you can amount to great things by repeating one simple action or behavior, even if small.

For example, if you wanted to make 300 push-ups per day, it might sound like a lot of effort. Indeed, if you make 300 push-ups right away, you’re going to be truly tired at the end.

However, you could split that goal into 6 sessions of 50 push-ups each, which is easier to achieve. Don’t you think?

That same principle applies to absolutely everything that you wish to do in your life. If you are working towards achieving something, everything that you do will count and pull you closer to your desired destination.

I’ve applied this technique to many things in my life, starting with languages. I often take 5 minutes per day to study Chinese, Italian, and German. Even though it’s just 5 minutes per day, that amounts to about 150 minutes per month or about 2.5 hours.

That’s 30 hours per year that I invest in learning each of those languages… with just 5 minutes a day.

Habits Shape Who You Are

Your habits shape who you ultimately end up being. Sometimes you may not want to exercise, yet you should at least take a walk or a small jug just to push yourself into that mood. Even if you don’t exercise for that day, getting into that mood and doing at least something will continue the habit for you, internally.

This may not seem like much, but it’s easier to skip something if you skipped it yesterday.

If you fail to exercise one day, then it will be easier to avoid doing it the next day, and so on until it has been a week or a month since you last exercised. If you had done anything on the day that you didn’t feel like it, then you wouldn’t have stopped at all.

In this case, the action of getting dressed and following your routine, even if you don’t do your routine at all, is pushing you forward. Just that action will allow you to not lose your habit so easily.

If you’re shaping whom you want to be, at all times, then you should aim to be that type of person that doesn’t quit. At least, that’s how I always like to be.

Do you go the extra mile every time that you can?

Life Is About Putting in the Effort

Some people don’t even try. But those who try will ultimately succeed. If you don’t try something, then you’ll have lost by default. That’s why everything that we do towards our goals matter, even if it’s just visualizing that something.

The first step to build something is to visualize it, to know what it is, to define it, to desire for it to happen. Then, you can start building towards that something, even if it’s $1 dollar at a time.

Or one action at a time.

Every little effort counts.

I firmly believe that those who have the dedication and the culture to not be stopped by adversity will ultimately succeed.

Those who try after failing will reach their end goals. Definitely.

And, if you try and you fail, you should just continue trying until you actually succeed. You’re the owner of your own fate & destiny.

Are you doing everything that you can to reach the place that you want to reach? Are you going the extra mile every time that you can? Because if you are not, then you’re not taking every little effort possible towards your dreams.

Start doing it!


If you are trying to create something, no matter how big or small, you should be doing absolutely everything that you can in order to make that something happen.

I believe that action begets more action. When you push yourself out of your comfort zone, you learn more and you discover amazing things about the world, even about yourself. We should aim to do that every single day.

You’re in control of your life, your actions, and your decisions. Start deciding.

Start acting now! The time to make anything happen is right now.

What are you waiting for?

December 22nd, 2020