Step One: Focus With All Your Senses

1 min readphoto by Diego Marigno (2012)stories

Whenever you seek for something, no matter it is inner our outer centered, no matter if it something for somebody else or something that you owe, maybe something for a loved one, passed away or alive, no matter even if what you seek just doesn’t exist, just by thinking it you create it. It’s a creation of your own mind! Whenever you seek something, remember to do it with all senses.

Remember to feel, but not just what the sight, that has you lingering with, but also with what you hear, with all the frequencies around 20Hz to 20 kHz, but also with what you can sense by just breathing and smelling the ambient, and definitely with what your skin feels: it burns, it gets fiery, it’s flowery but overall like a peel, you’re peeling the sun. Oh, do not forget to also do it with your taste, which is why my loved one is always scared away since I lick her entire face, from her chin to her forehead.

Whenever you seek something, remember to do it with all your senses, but not just when you seek, but when you feel, learn, try, love, make love, think, and definitely whenever you are lost. You need to get to a point where you are focused and centered on what you want and how you will achieve that, as well as how you can get your life in track.

That focus is going to be someone you love, someone you loved, a promise you made, or maybe a request made by a dying loved one. It is everywhere and anywhere, maybe the smile of a child you see passing by the street or the laughter of your own children, cousins, brothers, or even friends. Focus comes from the Latin ‘domestic hearth’ and on English actually meant “point of convergence,” perhaps like an analogy of the burning point of a lens.

Right now Focus is more like where energy or activity is located and centralized.

So take your energy and put it to that which helps you get focused, and empowers you.

That’s step one.

Focus with all that you sense, and feel.


January 5th, 2018