The Power of Light

The Power of Light

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You see the light interact as particles, and like when gazing at the stars and the universe — if you zoom out enough the light changes —, this means that as you back out further, the light you see plays with itself and changes according to its own nature.

Light is something quite interesting since we have realized that it can behave like a particle, but it can also behave like a wave. This is so incredible, this means that light lives in some sort of duality, where sometimes it’s fixated and other times it’s moving.

Definition of Light, Energy, Gravity

According to Wikipedia, “light is a form of electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength which can be detected by the human eye”. This means that light is basically energy that travels through space. We have found that light shows the properties of both waves and particles. That is very interesting!

Light is everything that we currently see, it’s the fastest speed that we currently get to. Something moving faster than light would mean that we would not see it, since it would be vibrating with higher wavelengths, thus, unable to be perceived by the human eye.

Light is energy, it’s warmth, it’s love, it’s the energy that binds us together, literally. The sun emits this energy as it slowly dies, but it’s the energy that is holding us alive in space, it’s gravity.

I believe that it is amazing that we have found ourselves in the third planet of a small orange Dwarf, and it’s quite interesting to know that the same star that gives us energy and life, would be able to cause total death and despair.

We have found that matter also behaves in this same way. Now, what does it all means? It means that reality is more intricate than what we think.

How Light Works, How Light Creates the World

I know that it might seem obvious, but we have to keep into account that thanks to the light that we get from the sun we are able to develop our human life.

The light from the sun takes about 8 minutes to reach the earth. Once the light reaches our planet, it hits the atmosphere and travels down to the surface, where it bounces off and hits our eyes.

Once light reaches our eyes it is processed and absorbed by the iris, from each eye, and then this information travels from our eyes towards the brain, where all of this information gets processed, realy quickly, and our world is created.

The world is create during every single second, over and over again.

Light is Warmth

I associate light with being warmth and I imagine that most people do. This is a lovely feeling that everyone should be able to feel. That light is what keeps us all warm, it’s what allows us to see, to differentiate objects, one from another.

Being warmth is just the movement of particles going faster, there is more excitation due to the temperature and things are moving fast and quick.

This is what being warm is and it is what the sun is meant to do: excite, illuminate, keep in the light, warm.

We are all bound by light, we all need it.

Light is the warmth that keeps us alive. It’s what allows plants to breathe and carry on, generating oxygen for us to live. It’s the warmth that keeps us alive when coldness invades. It’s what allows us to be here, alive.

The Power of Light

There are some great amounts of energy being emanated by the sun. This is power. The light that we get on a daily basis, which lets us connect with the world, is merely power condensed, emanated from the surface of the sun. This heat travels vasts distances until it hits us.

We are now able to capture and store the power from the sun. This is incredible, it means that the sun is able to power up our lives.

We seek the light. We go towards it. Our earth continues to swirl around its own axis, as well as around the sun; we continue this endless dance.

What Now?

Eventually, the human race will be capable of going to / visiting nearby stars. This means that we would seek other means of life. This means that we would seek another planetary system to keep us alive.

I dream of a world where human beings are no longer bound by a planet. I dream of a world where human beings can go beyond the stars, and find more light.

We all need to continue to seek and find the light.

We are headed towards that. It’s only a matter of time. Are you getting ready?

Do you want to tell me something about light that I didn’t cover here? You can send me an email to telling me about it!

April 12th, 2020