This is Our World

This is Our World

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I would like to change the world by creating awareness among people. We need to create a consciousness of love, understanding. We need to teach children to question things and not just do something because that is what they‘re told to do.

To change and improve the world, we have to eliminate ignorance, we should stop seeing each other as less, or more because we are all equal. No one is more or less than anyone else. We must eliminate this illusion of control that took money on us, something that we create ourselves, and that kills us.

We need to take care of our planet Earth, as it is the only one we have, we need to create this awareness of love towards ourselves, towards all around us and around us.

This is the only way to change the world, we have to remove these imaginary boundaries because, in the end, we are only one race, the human race, and we must work together to enhance ourselves, not to destroy us.

All of this means to raise awareness, to fight, and gradually, we will make a difference. We have to save ourselves and save the planet. We must eliminate this consumer culture that exploits resources suddenly and so extremely, we are damaging the only resources we have, maybe not for us, but could be for future generations, our children.

The time for change is now and everything starts into creating awareness, improve ourselves as individuals to improve our society to improve our planet.

February 28th, 2016