We, The Human Race

We, The Human Race

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We are here just because. Our opportunities and our chances are the same and if we grouped, we could start working towards something else, something bigger.

I don’t see Jupiter claiming that he owns the solar system just because he’s bigger than everyone else, he just is. As so, we should all just be. We’ve come to experience our own consciousness and that is something truly remarkable in the cosmic eyes and the only thing we could do is to start working together, as a whole race and not just small groups of ‘races’ who go against each other.

The only way of evolving into something better and bigger, something that could make us break through our own creation is to accept this creation and to erase everything society has taught us, to start from zero into the knowing and the unknowing. We, whomever we’re to become are in this together and thereby we all should group up and start working towards it, whatever “it” is we’re to achieve. But the only way to do such is to stop this economical nonsense and start focusing on one thing: the future of the human race.

We often ask ourselves “why are we here?” and “what does it all mean?” but those are things of the past, things we cannot recover until we start thriving towards a more evolved society who’s able to work together in order to improve the lives of everyone living in it. An earth society, driven by earth and controlled by earth’s biggest: we, because we’re conscious. And being conscious means to take into account, to notice, to know, to try to change, and if we do not start changing today, we won’t be able to do much tomorrow when it’s too late.

Society is something interesting and the only way we can start being happy as a whole is when everyone on earth has what he or she deserves. I believe that just by being born on this earth everyone deserves the ability to explore its potential and its greatness. We’re all built for greatness but we forget somewhere along the way. And how are we to seek this greatness? Well, by having a raw and a life-time-supply of food in order to grow.

The global economy has made that difficult because those who have “conquered” and “owned” in the past then pass those things onto someone else who hasn’t won or built anything, and it starts down into a vicious chain of “me” and only “for me” without true merits. Everything there is on planet Earth belongs to EVERYONE living on it, no matter what he believes, what he looks like, what he likes or doesn’t like, what he wants or doesn’t want. The only true way of evolving ourselves is by destroying our preconceptions of the world and start building them from scratch.

We need to start building for our entire race and not just for the sake and benefit of some who have the “economic power”. The power, in this era of communications and sharing, of social networking and real-time-calls across the globe, the power belongs to everyone, and should thereon be taken from those small elites and given back to everyone on this beautiful Earth.

We do not control nature. We do not control events outside of us, but we can control ourselves and the ego of those who shouldn’t be on a charge, the ego of those from whom the people don’t matter. We cannot change nor control our past actions, but we can start changing and shaping our future ones.

And we either start doing such soon or nothing else will have much importance.

June 20th, 2016