What this Pandemic Has Taught Me is Priceless

What this Pandemic Has Taught Me is Priceless

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This year has been a total ride. Everything has changed, in one way or another.

We all have been taught how to live in different ways… we all have been taught a little bit more about adversity.

We have been taught how to deal with ourselves, and with our greatest fears.

The year 2020 brought us things that we didn’t expect, it gave us a different way to look at the world.

It showed us that it’s possible to work from home, that it’s possible to take care of those that we love.

For me, 2020 meant a new job, a new type of stability… I started this blog with the purpose of writing one article per month, and it has been achieved!

But, the most important part lies in the teachings, what this pandemic has taught mew is priceless:

To Be Patient

When you want something, you’ve got to learn to wait for it.

If you have patience, life is going to award you with everything that you desire.

This year has taught us how to have patience with absolutely everything. We’ve enhanced ourselves, in one way or another.

This year has shown us that anything can happen, at any given time. But, we have got to be patient with it all.

To Aim Higher

This year has taught me that I shouldn’t stop and that I should aim as high as possible. I need to let myself aim for anything that I want.

The funny part is that I have been doing that already.

This year, I’ve learned that anything can happen anytime. Life is always about opportunities, and if you don’t visualize something, it’s not going to happen.

To Be Me

I need to be simply myself, just everything that I am.

I believe that by being myself, I’m able to give out everything and explore my true potential.

Life is something amazing.

To be alive, to be a part of this holographic reality, it’s something that we should enjoy simply because being human means that we’re closer towards our final destination.

Back to the stars? I don’t know.

Back to whom are, deep down. Beasts, animals, monkeys, humans, energy.

We’re everything that we define ourselves to be, and I’ve learned that I won’t let others define who I am.

To Go The Extra Mile, Always

I think that those who go the extra mile are able to make great things happen. You, and everyone, should learn how to go beyond.

When you do this, you’re using your fullest potential. Are you willing to do that?

Are you willing to do everything that it takes to get where you want to be?

Whenever we go the extra mile, we show that we care, and who knows what can happen?

Everything is Uncertain

This year 2020 has taught me that anything can happen, anything can change very quickly…

In just a matter of 1 second or less, you could be an entirely different person.

Everything that we are, everything that we give for granted, it’s all truly uncertain.

When was the last time that you were actually sure of something?

Your Environment Doesn’t Define You

Anything could happen around you, but that doesn’t define you nor the things that you do.

You’re who you are.

You behave in the way that you do, because you want.

The things that are external to you, albeit powerful, won’t define you unless you let them.

You define yourself.

To Not Give Anything for Granted

This year has taught me that I shouldn’t give things for granted because nothing’s written in stone.

Going forward, I’ll stop taking things for granted and I’ll make an effort to show my true self to others.

We don’t know what can happen, but life is very fragile, and this year has taught us that we’re all equally human, and equally fragile.

Enjoy Every Single Day

This year has shown me that I can enjoy the little things, the routinary things.

I have learned to enjoy every day as if there were no more days. It’s just, easier, simpler.

It feels really good to just enjoy every moment, as it is.

This year has taught us that we need to be patient, that we should always aim higher, that we should always be ourselves, to go the extra mile, that everything is uncertain, that our environment doesn’t define us, not to give things for granted and to enjoy every single day.

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December 31st, 2020