Whatever You Focus On Will Expand

Whatever You Focus On Will Expand

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Your thoughts are energy. They are vibrations created within your brain that travel across your neurons at incredibly fast speeds.

This means that you’re able to emanate energy towards something simply by thinking about it. Have you thought about that before?

What happens when you focus on something? It will expand thanks to the energy that your brain is emanating.

Your brain is a powerful machine that has been designed over several thousand years of evolution, and it has the ability to focus on certain patterns or types of energy.

The truth is that your thoughts are constantly emanating energy outwards! So, what happens if you focus on something specific? That something will most definitely expand.

What Does it Mean to Focus

Focus comes from the Latin focus “domestic hearth”. Nowadays, it has different meanings, but one of those is (of light, radio waves, or other energy) “become concentrated into a sharp beam”.

When you focus your conscious thoughts into something specific, you’re able to create and emanate energy towards that something.

Energy is what we all are.

Our planet is suspended on the Sun’s energy. The planet vibrates.

Our body is suspended on earth’s energy. Our body vibrates.

Our body is suspended on its own energy, emanated from our brains, and flowing outwards from our inner self. We’re vibrating entities that co-exist with other vibrating entities, at both very large and very small scales.

As you can see, vibrations can also be associated with energy. But what are vibrations?

What are Vibrations

Vibrations are just oscillations between a point. The word “vibration” comes from the Latin word vibrationem “shaking, brandishing”. That’s basically what matter does, it vibrates at a certain frequency; some things vibrate so low that we believe them to be solid, other things vibrate so high that we believe them to be anything other than solid.

Our world is vibrating around the sun, and everything else going around the sun is vibrating on its energy. The sun’s energy puts everything into motion, and all celestial bodies found within its boundaries are being pulled forward thanks to that energy.

When we focus our conscious thoughts into something, we start to create energy and vibrations towards that something.

It’s silly to think about it, but we’re bound by the energy that surrounds us. We attract people that are vibrating on our same wavelengths. We also get pulled towards people that are vibrating on our same frequencies.

You need to learn how to focus on the things that matter to you. You should not lose sight of what you like, what you enjoy, what you desire. Those are the things that you should be thinking about.

If you focus on something bad, then you’ll attract bad things. However, if you focus on something good, you’ll expand and attract only good things.

Vibrations are simply movements that happen pretty fast, so fast that we take them for granted. To vibrate is simply to exist. To exist is to be.

It’s interesting to think that nothing is static in this universe. Everything is moving. Everything has a consciousness, to some degree or another.

What are Thoughts

To think about something could be explained as “talking to yourself”. However, it’s more than that. When you think about something, you’re focusing on that something, and you’re creating vibrations about it.

If you’re thinking about being good, then you’ll nourish that energy. If you’re thinking about being bad, then you’ll nourish that energy. It’s pretty simple.

If you take good care of your body, then you’ll be healthy. As such, it’s also important to take care of one’s thoughts.

Thoughts are a vehicle that we use to project our energy toward the outside world. Every single thought that we have is energy.

Every thought that we have is emanated from our own minds, yet, the energy being emanated can go beyond.

Our thoughts are energy. Our thoughts are vibrations.

Every single thing that we may have, physical or not, is made out of energy, vibrating at some degree or another.

Everything is energy.

What is Energy

It’s what powers us, it can be food, or rain, or water. It can be movement or friction. It can be thoughts or sound-waves. Energy is all around us, and we’re made out of energy ourselves.

How do I know that we’re all made out of energy? Because our heart is beating and generating energy constantly, pumping blood through our veins.

Because we’re conscious, and that means that something is making us be that way. Energy.

You’re made out of energy, and you can confirm that because you sense other’s energy. Because of what you feel, and what you enjoy.

Realizing this means that you’ve awakened in your own existence. Do you exist? I want you to take a moment to truly think about that.

To be is to exist. The fact that you think, let’s you know that you exist. That’s energy being generated right there.

To exist is to be here. To be present means to have a sense of self. Do you feel yourself?

To exist means that you are here due to something and that you’re able to do absolutely anything that you want.

To exist simply means to be, whomever it is that you are.


Life is chaotic. Life is endless. Our thoughts and energy drive us, as well as the things that we focus on.

I just glanced around this topic, but it is truly more complicated than what I could envision with one article. The way that we are intertwined in this world is energetical.

Everything that we do creates energy, and the energy being created by everyone else also affects us. What we envision, that’s what we create.

What we think, that’s what we do.

What we eat, that’s what we become.

Energy is the sole constant. The energy that you put into something, or, on the contrary, the energy that you don’t.

When you think about something, when you let your mind wander off… even when you let yourself go, you’re always receiving or putting energy away.

There’s always energy being emanated from your thoughts, and from your own self.

You’re always vibrating.

Now that you have this knowledge, are you truly being honest with whom you are, or have you ignored your own energy?

September 25th, 2020